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EPF Passbook Download Online | Download UAN Passbook : Are you seeking to know the status of your EPF account? The Employees Provident Fund Organisation has rolled out a new option of e-passbook that helps the users to check their balance and the status of their account with much ease. If you are seeking to download EPF passbook, we are here to aid you in the best way. In this post, we have come up with a detailed step by step tutorial that help the users to easily generate the EPF passbook and download it online without any hassle. Check it out!

Download E-Passbook

EPF sometimes referred to as Provident Fund or PF is a retirement benefit scheme available for all the people who get salary from any private organisation or company. The employee can have an EPF account so that they can collect it after their retirement from the company. The Employees Provident Fund Organisation has launched a new facility of checking the balance on their EPF account by using their e-passbook. At the end of their retirement, the employees could collect their amount that they have saved during their service.

Benefits of E-Passbook

The users who have member portal account can easily check their status of passbook via online. Besides checking the balance, the users can keep a track on each and every single transaction made using their account. The employees could easily check the status of their Provident Fund from their account using the passbook. The e-passbook shows all the details regarding the transactions made by the employee via online on that particular month in a daily basis.

On E-passbook, you can also see some details like your name, date of birth and other essential details of the employee. This beneficial facility is available for the members who are active on this EPF member portal. For the people who have inoperative accounts, they could not find this option. If you don’t have any balance or negative balance on your EPF account, you cannot get e-passbook. All the beneficiaries of EPF can use this service. Also, the users can update their account status with much ease via online. The EPF members can also download the e-passbook online without any difficulty.

EPF Passbook Download Online

How to Generate EPF Passbook?

Here are the simple steps that help the users to generate EPF Passbook online:

  • First of all, you need to login on to the member website of EPFO via the official website of EPFO at http://members.epfoservices.in.
  • You need to pick the right document from the drop down menu and enter the document number in the below field. Also, enter your mobile number and just hit the sign in button.
  • After successfully logging on to the website, you need to go to this page. Hit the below link.
  • http://members.epfoservices.in/choose_ofc_details_mpb.php
  • From the member passbook page, you need to select your state.
  • You need to choose the state and you will redirect to a new member portal.
  • You can select the place from the list of EPFO office on the page.
  • You need to enter your account number in the provided field.
  • You can find your Provident Fund account number on your payslip.
  • After that, just enter the characters shown in the text box.
  • Hit the button that says Get PIN.
  • You can then get the pin to your registered mobile number.
  • After receiving the PIN, you need to check the box of ‘I Agree’.
  • You can then enter the authorization pin in the provided field and hit the ‘Get Detail’ button.

That’s all! This is the easy way to generate the PIN and download the EPF e-passbook online.

How to Download EPF Passbook Online?

Follow the easy steps so as to download the EPF Passbook via online method:

  • You have learned the process of generating your e-passbook from the above-mentioned steps.
  • You can now download it with much ease.
  • You need to login on to the member portal of EPFO using your mobile number.
  • Just tap on the button that says ‘Download EPF Passbook.’
  • You can see the downloaded file in PDF format on your PC.

These are the easy steps that help the users to generate EPF Passbook and download it via online mode.

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