Get Universal Account Number UAN Of EPF Online

Get Universal Account Number UAN Of EPF Online

Universal Account Number, commonly known as UAN is a unique number allotted to each and every individual employee of a private company.  All the eligible PF holders should must and should have this UAN number to attain the PF.  The Employee Provident Fund Organization EPFO has linked services to the UAN number.  The services that are associated with UAN include EPF balance checking, EPF transfer, EPF withdrawal etc.  Using the UAN, EPF members can perform the tasks of EPF easily.  The UAN number will usually be with the employer.  It is mandatory to know the UAN number if you have one.

If your employer is refusing to give your UAN to you, then you can get it through online.  It is quite easy to retrieve the UAN number online.  Before getting started let us just know what UAN is about and what its benefits are.


Universal Account Number (UAN), as the name sums it up can be used anywhere and everywhere.  The number is 12-digit long and can be used in any job.  It is unchangeable once allotted.  It won’t change with the change of job.  The Employee Provident Fund Organization is responsible to allot UAN number to the eligible members of EPF.

Advantages of having UAN

There are many advantages associated with UAN.  Its use mainly comes while handling the tasks of EPF.  Here are some of the benefits of UAN.

  • EPF member can easily get the access to EPF passbook through UAN portal.
  • Using missed call and SMS service, active EPF member can get EPF balance status after the UAN is activated.
  • UAN will automatically transfer the EPF balance from one account to another with the job shift.
  • After the UAN number and Adhaar number are linked, EPF has become online.
  • With the linking of Aadhaar to UAN, the EPF withdrawal has become easy without the need of employer’s signature.

UAN Activation

To enjoy the services offered by UAN, one has to first activate it.  The UAN activation can be done using the UAN portal, EPF app and through the SMS with the help of registered mobile number.

UAN Portal

There is a dedicated UAN member portal available online that handles all the UAN related matters.  Via the UAN web portal, EPF members can do things like checking their EPF passbook, uploading their Adhaar and KYC docs, linking EPF account etc.  Here are the things that you can do with the UAN Portal.

  • You can check status of UAN allotment through UAN portal
  • You can activate UAN
  • You can check your EPF passbook
  • Upload the Aadhaar and KYC docs
  • Link your previous EPF account number

How to get UAN?

In reality, the UAN should be given to the employee by the employer.  Few employers at the very list give the UAN through the pay slips.  Nevertheless, few employers hide the UAN from the employees for various reasons.  If you have such an employer who is refusing to give you your UAN number then you can take the help of UAN portal to get it.  EPFO has facilitated the EPF members to check their UAN status through the portal.  We will share with you the process on how to check the UAN status online.  To check the UAN status, EPF member should have the following information.

Information needed to get the UAN number

  • PF number (present in your salary slip)
  • Date of birth
  • Name
  • Mobile number (make sure the mobile number is in use)

Step 1

Go to the official website of UAN e-Sewa portal.

UAN-Member-Portal (2)

Step 2

Click on ‘Know Your UAN Status’.


Step 3

Fill the PF account details in the specified fields that include state, PF account number, office and click on ‘Check Status’.


Step 4

You will see whether you are allotted with UAN number or not.  If you are allotted, then a page will be opened where you need to enter the details like member name, date of birth, mobile number, email id, username, password, confirm password, enter the code shown and click on ‘GET PIN’.


Step 5

The authorization PIN will be sent to your registered mobile number.  Enter het PIN in the specified field saying Enter Authorization PIN and click the checkbox saying ‘I Agree’ and then click on submit.

Step 6

After submitting, you will be able to see the UAN number.  You will see the message in green that reads “Your UAN is XXXXXXXXXXXX. Login to with user ID XXXXXXXXXXXX and password chosen by you.”

An SMS with UAN number will be sent to your registered mobile number.

By performing this process you are not just checking your UAN number, but also are officially registering with the UAN member e-Sewa portal.  If you want to check further details you can login to the portal using the UAN and password.

Advantages of registering with UAN Portal

  • EPF member can download the updated EPF passbook that contains the PF balance
  • Link previous PF accounts
  • Upload KYC data
  • Change mobile number and email address
  • Apply for online PF transfer
  • Check PF account balance using the missed call service.

By now, you might have understood the importance of UAN.  So, if you are still unaware of your UAN, hurry up and get it right away.

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