Download UAN Passbook from EPF Unified Portal

The all new unified UAN Portal is offering many facilities for the people and it is said as the one stop platform for all the activities that are related to EPF. The most important activity in this UAN Portal is said as the UAN Passbook download. This Passbook is said as the very important document for every member in EPF and it has to be downloaded periodically. This is a mandatory scheme for the people to get their retirement savings from the employee provident fund under an organized sector employee. The person should last long in the job if he gets registered in the EPF.

UAN Passbook from EPF Unified Portal

The UAN is actually the unique number that is given to the every EPF registered member and this UAN number are actually attached to the EPF member and this will remain same for his lifetime if he switches the Job. The transactions of the member will become very easy with the UAN number, this will help in doing the transactions of withdrawal, EPF transfer, KYC Submission.

Download UAN Passbook from EPF Unified Portal

Information in the EPF UAN Passbook

                            The following information is given in the UAN Passbook-like the every other account. Like any other financial statement, this UAN passbook will also give the debit card and credit card details and the remaining balance of the member. This Passbook will offer the below information for the member,

  • PF Member ID
  • Personal Details
  • Date of joining
  • Establishment code
  • PF office
  • EPF Transfer Details
  • Balance of Employee Contribution to EPF account
  • Balance of Employer Contribution to EPF account
  • Total EPF balance
  • Monthly Contribution
  • Employers contribution to EPF account
  • Employee Contribution to EPF account
  • Pension Contribution

Steps to Download the EPF Passbook

                               Here are some steps for the members to easily download the EPF Passbook from the UAN dashboard, the members will be given a login details to enter into the dash-board.

  1. Go to UAN Portal,
  2. The Pin must be activated if the member is a first time user
  3. To activate the UAN process, the member must provide the UAN number along with the mobile number
  4. During the above process, the member can set the password for the UAN
  5. Once the user is log in, he will be directed to the UAN dashboard
  6. There it will be displayed three screens; View Passbook is the first title.
  7. By entering into that the member can download the UAN Passbook.

Details in UAS Passbook

  1. The first information in the Passbook is about the establishment ID along with PF member ID
  2. The employer share can be less than the employee share
  3. If there is a change in the basic salary, then there will be a change in contribution amount.
  4. The contribution of Pension will also be listed in the Passbook.

Transfer Details    

                                The Transfer details will be present in the EPF Passbook and it will be among the entries. Along with the above information, it will also hold the withdraw details from the account along with the current balance.

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