Withdrawal of Partial/Full Provident Fund with UAN

The Government of India introduced the Universal Account Number or UAN for the EPF accounts. The UAN is useful when employees change companies and end up with several PF accounts. This makes it difficult for employees to transfer or withdraw the PF amount. The introduction of Universal Account Number will help in some issues to an extent. People can withdraw their PF amount partially or completely at the time of retirement. This can also be done without the help of their previous employer. However, those who would like to withdraw their Provident Fund Amount must go through the conditions first. After this, the PF applicant can go right ahead to the EPFO without an attestation required. The forms that have to be submitted at the time of PF withdrawal are Form-19 (UAN) or Form-31 (UAN).

How to withdraw Provident Fund with UAN:

The PF applicant must also link the Aadhaar Card and his bank account with the UAN. The Universal Account Number must be activated. The employer, however, has to verify the KYC documents. If you would like to know if your KYC details are verified visit – https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/. In case a person would like to withdraw his PF at retirement time he has to submit Form 19 (UAN). After two months of leaving employment, the person is eligible to apply for the PF.

How to withdraw Provident Fund with UAN

Details to fill in Form 19 (UAN)

This form consists of only one page and is a very simple form. There are a few mandatory details required to be filled up in the form.  The PF Applicant’s name, mobile number, your UAN date of leaving employment, a reason for applying for PF and postal address with a pin code. There are various reasons to file for the PF Withdrawal.

Proof Attached for PF Withdrawal

In case you are filing due to mental or physical infirmity you have to submit a medical certificate for Permanent or Total Incapacity. In case the PF applicant is applying as he is going overseas the copy of passport, Visa and ticket must be submitted. In case the PF applicant withdraws the amount before five years of leaving employment then PAN number is mandatory. If applicant’s income is less than exemption limit then he has to submit Form 15G or Form 15H. A canceled cheque with IFSC code should be submitted with these. This bank must be the same as the bank account linked with the UAN number.

You can visit http://search.epfoservices.org:81/locate_office/office_location.php to search by district and state. Your local EPFO must receive these filled in forms along with the proofs.

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