Make EPF Withdrawal Super Easy Without Employer signature

Make EPF Withdrawal Super Easy Without Employer signature   

If you are an EPF account holder then here is good news for you.  EPFO has introduced brand new forms using which EPF holders can easily withdraw the PF without the involvement of the employer and his signature.  EPF holder can now directly submit the EPF withdrawal forms and can get the work done without any issues.  In the past, before revising, the EPF forms were first sent to the employer for verification purpose and signatures, which used to take a long time.  Due to the involvement of the employer, employees used to face many issues as the employer have the ability to block the EPF withdrawal.

Nevertheless, with the new revisions, it is quite easy to withdraw from EPF account.  It also fastens the EPF withdrawal process.  With the introduction of UAN, the EPFO had delinked EPFO from the employer to certain extent and with the new rules it seems like it is completely thinking of cutting off ties of the employer with EPF withdrawal.  In this matter, three new forms were introduced by EPFO.  We have listed out about the forms and the details below.  Check it out!


EPFO New Forms

EPFO has introduced three new forms that include:

Form 19 UAN

This form comes to use when the EPF holder is at his/her retirement stage or leaving the job.  The money can be withdrawn from EPF account only if you are unemployed for 2 months.  So, if you were got a new job in a new company within two months, you won’t be able to withdraw the EPF.  All you can do is apply for EPF transfer.

Form 10-C UAN

This form comes to use when you want to withdraw from your EPS account.  EPS account is a separate account linked with EPF.  It is related to employee pension scheme.  One has to note that the employee will only be allowed to withdraw from EPS if EPF is not more than 10 years old.

Form 31- UAN

This form comes to use when the employee wants to partially withdraw from Employee Provident Fund account for the purpose of marriage, house purchasing, or medical emergency.

Who can use these new EPF forms?

Though the new EPF forms are introduced by EPFO in association with UAN, the forms can be used only by those employees who fulfill the below conditions.

  • UAN must be active and should be linked with Aadhaar number.
  • Your KYC details must be verified by employer using digital signature.

Steps on how to withdraw money from EPF account

We are discussing below about the Form 19 UAN regarding EPF withdrawal.  The process is same for other two forms.

Step 1

As we mentioned afore, these new forms can be used only when the UAN is activated and all the KYC details are verified by the employer.  So, to do so you need to verify your eligibility.

  • Go to the official website i.e.,
  • Login with your username and password
  • Go to Profile>Update KYC Information and update your details if there is a need.

In case if you have more than two UAN allotted to your account, then you should discard one and should be using the new one provided by your current employer.

Step 1

As you are done with activation of UAN and verification of KYC details, now you need to fill up the form.  Take the 19 UAN form and start filling the form with appropriate details.  The details to be filled include mobile number, UAN number, date of leaving, the reason for leaving the service, PAN and full postal address.  Along with filling this form, you need to attach the cancelled cheque of the bank account.

Step 3

After filling the form and attaching the cancelled cheque, you need to submit the form.  You need to submit the form along with the cancelled cheque at the EPF office that falls under your jurisdiction.  You can find the exact address of the regional EPF office by visiting this link office/office location.php.  Go to this link and enter your state and district of the office where you work/worked.  Full address will be displayed.  Send the cheque and form to the address through courier.

By following above three steps you will be able to withdraw your EPF money easily.  If you want to completely withdraw your EPF amount, then you need to fill up the form 19 UAN and form 10-C and send them both through courier.

Form 31 UAN to withdraw from EPF for purpose of purchasing house

If you are planning to purchase a new house or have to repay the home loan through EPF amount, you need to go with Form 31 UAN.  This form can be filled for partial withdrawal of the money in the name of purchasing house or repaying home loan or for medical emergency purpose, or marriage etc.

The form contains fields like UAN, Name, Purpose for which advance is required, Amount of advance required in Rs., in case of advance for purpose of site/house/flat or construction through an “Agency” or Repayment of housing loan, indicate, cheque to be withdrawn in favor of, full address of “Agency”, and full postal address of member.  You can directly take the money in the name of ‘Agency”.

Online EPF Withdrawal

EPFO has announced that it will soon roll out online EPF withdrawal facility.  The forms we have discussed above about will soon be available online.  You no need to visit the offices to get the forms, you can directly download the forms from online and fill them up easily.  By going online, the process of EPF withdrawal will be quite easier than usual.

So, this is all about EPF withdrawal.  There is no need for the employer involvement anymore or his signature to make EPF withdrawals.  With the introduction of online services you can easily withdraw your EPF amount by filling the respective forms depending on your requirement.

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