How To Find AO Code | Income Tax Ward | Income Tax Circle

How To Find AO Code | Income Tax Ward | Income Tax Circle: Most of the taxpayers these days are being perfect with paying their income tax on time.  While filing income tax return through the official web portal of IT department or inputting info on tax return filing sites people may require income tax ward/circle and AO code.  The Income Tax ward/circle/AO code is also required to apply for a new PAN card.  Many people search for AO code, income tax ward or circle.  For those who are uninitiated, all these details will be available for checking purpose right in the official website of IT department.  There is no need to waste your precious time on searching for the details all over the internet; you can get them right from the official website of the department.

To fetch all the three details, all you need to have with you is your PAN number.  Using your PAN number can fetch all the details within no time.  Before getting started know what is income tax war/circle/AO code?


What does Income Tax Ward/Circle/AO Code mean?

Every year legions of taxpayers are paying their taxes to the IT department as per the norms specified by the department.  As it is difficult to handle all the taxpayers as a whole, they were divided between different jurisdictions.  Particular areas and particular wards will fall under the particular jurisdiction.  The income tax ward/circle/AO code is nothing but the number that was assigned to the Income Tax Assessing Officer of that particular jurisdiction.  You can easily check Ward/circle by entering your PAN card number.  In the past, there used to be a lengthy procedure to check the details, but with effect from 1st February 2017, the procedure to locate the Income Tax Ward/Circle/AO Code has been altered.  In the past, PAN number is used to check the details, but a new process has been introduced by the department recently.

Usually, the details are provided by an advocate or CA, but they can be easily known through the official website.

How to check Income Tax Ward/Circle/AO Code using PAN Number?

As we said earlier, people used to use PAN number to fetch the ward/circle/AO code in the past.  To know the details using PAN, all you need to do is just visit the official website of the department, click on the concerned link and enter the PAN number in the specified slot and press submit.  As soon as you submit, your Assessing Officer Ward Number/Circle code will be displayed.

How to check Income Tax Ward/Circle/AO Code?

  • Go to the official website of the IT department i.e.,
  • Login to the Income Tax Account in the site.
  • Click on Profile Settings tab where you can see multiple options. From them, click on the first option i.e., My Profile.
  • It will open a new tab where you can see PAN details. Click on it and you can see all the PAN Card details and below that, under Jurisdiction details, you can see the details of the Income Tax Officer and his Area Code, AO Type, Range code, AO number, jurisdiction, building a name, email id, and status.

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