New PAN Card Application Form/ What Details to Fill/ Importance of PAN Card

New PAN Card Application Form: If you are planning to get a PAN Card this then you will find that this is a great article to start with. Here you will get some guidance on how you can fill out the necessary details to apply for a PAN Card. The very first step to getting a PAN Card is to fill out the application form. An Indian Citizen who would like to apply for a PAN Card must fill the Form 49 A. there are various methods to apply for a PAN Card. There is one simple process to apply i.e. online. This way you can be sure about the details that you enter or type in.  We will give you the details of this simple online process. The person who is interested in applying for the PAN Card must first download the PAN Card application form.


Importance of PAN Card

The full form of PAN Card is a Permanent Account Number.  The PAN Card can be used as a valid ID card purpose. The PAN Card has many uses and is necessary for making many types of transactions. This includes purchases and sales of specified assets and properties. The PAN Card does not have anything like an expiry period like a credit card or debit card. This comes with lifetime validity. People who make huge transactions have to quote their respective PAN Card number before doing so. These days the banks are insisting for the account holder to provide pan details while opening bank accounts. So this is a very necessary document not only for financial dealings but also for personal use. This article is nice for those who are planning to apply for a PAN Card and helps to fill out the details.

PAN Card Details to Fill

The person who would like to apply for the PAN Card has to fill up the Form 49 A. here are the details that the PAN Card applicant has to fill in the PAN Card Application Form. The PAN Card is issued to either individuals or firms too. There are two portals approved by the government where you can find these.

  • Name and Address
  • Date of Birth / Date of Incorporation (Applicable in case of firm)
  • Father’s Name (Only for Individuals)
  • Phone Number
  • Communication Address
  • Residential Address /Office Address
  • Status of Applicant (For Firms)
  • Aadhaar Card Number in case of Indian citizen

PAN Card Application Tracking

If you have applied for a PAN Card and you would like to know the status of the PAN Card application form, you can. The PAN Card applicant will receive an acknowledgment through SMS on their mobile number. The PAN Card applicant can call on the helpline numbers in case he or she has a query. However, the online process is an easy way to track your PAN Card status. The online procedure for PAN Card tracking is also faster as it provides you the required details within a few seconds.

Download PAN Card Application Form

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