PAN Card Application Tracking | Know your PAN Application Status

The PAN Card is a valid ID card and has several uses. It is mandatory to quote the PAN number for several financial transactions. This is in the case of purchases and sales of certain specified assets as well as properties. Once the PAN Card is issued it does not have any expiry period or dates like a credit card or debit card. The PAN Card comes with validity for a lifetime. The PAN Card consists of 10 characters including numbers and alphabet. The first five of the 10 characters and the last one are Alphabets. The remaining four characters that lie in between are numbers. So this alpha-numeric code is the PAN Card number.

Those who make large amount transactions have to quote their respective PAN Card number. Banks also require the account holder to provide PAN Card details for a few bank account transactions. This document is not just used for financial dealings but also has other uses. After application of PAN Card, it takes time before the applicant finally receives the document. During this time the applicant is worried if their PAN Card is in a process or not. There are various ways for an applicant to track the PAN Card application status. These methods include the Customer Service and Online. All the applicant has to do is enter the details online and he or she will receive the information.

PAN Card Application Tracking

PAN Card Application Status Tracking

If you are one who has applied for a PAN Card and wants to know the PAN Card application status, you can. The people who apply for a PAN Card initially receive an acknowledgment number. This is generally sent through SMS to the applicant’s mobile number. In case he or she wants to know the PAN Card status there are several ways to do so.  You can either call the customer service helpline numbers or visit the official web portal. This is in case he or she has a query about the status of the PAN Card application. The online process is always easier and faster method to track your PAN Card application status. The method of online PAN Card tracking provides the required details within a few seconds of posting the query.

How to Check PAN Card Status

As we have mentioned in the earlier article there are two ways of applying for the PAN Card. These are the two PAN Card issuing authorities. The NSDL or/and UTIITS. The PAN Card applicants are advised to contact their respective PAN issuing authority with queries or complaints.

NSDL Official Customer Care Page

This is to know how to check the PAN Card Status in case you have applied through NSDL. All the PAN Card applicant has to do is visiting the NSDL’s Official Web Portal. To check through NSDL PAN card Status Tracking visit This is a simple form with drop down options. Here enter your details including name and date of birth.

Customer Support over Phone

If the PAN Card applicant is facing problems tracking PAN card online they can also contact the respective NSDL/UTI Customer Support Number.

24×7 Toll-Free Customer Service for PAN Card Tracking (NSDL) – 1800222080

UTI Official Customer Care Page

Just like tracking the PAN Card status application online on the NSDL official web portal, the applicant can track on UTI webpage. For the UTI Customer Care, there are toll-free numbers that can be accessed through MTNL/BSNL lines.  As of now, the UTI Pan Card Application Status Tracking Page is under modification. PAN Card applicants can call on the respective toll-free updated numbers.

24×7 Toll-Free Customer Service for PAN Card Tracking (UTIITSL) – 1800220306

Apart from a couple of contact customer service methods mentioned above, there is also the official addresses for the respective issuing authority listed online. There are several other numbers available for phone queries with their respective official addresses available online. Queries can also be addressed this way. The UTI PAN Card Head Quarters, however, are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Here is the official headquarters address:

UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited, Plot Number 3, Sector 11, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai – 400614

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