How to withdraw PF without leaving a job?

The government has made the PF withdrawal rules easier now without leaving a job. However, 100% withdrawal is not permitted but the EPF Members are allowed to make partial PF withdrawals while working on the job.

Partial withdrawal from EPF accounts is permitted in some emergency cases such as Home Construction /Plot Purchase, medical emergency, higher education, etc. The account holder can apply online through the EPFO portal for partial withdrawal. However, there are few conditions and eligibility criteria that need to be followed for the partial PF Withdrawal.

Here is the eligibility and conditions for EPF advance:

Employees are allowed to withdraw on the below-listed criteria. Based on the different purposes of withdrawal, they need to serve the minimum service and then eligible for the minimum withdrawal amount.

Sl No. Purpose of the Withdrawal Minimum Years of service Duration PF withdrawal amount Number of Withdrawal
Documents Required
 1 Home Construction /Plot Purchase 3 years 90% of the EPF balance or,
Total Expense
whichever is least
 Once Declaration form not required
2 Renovation or repairing of House 3 years from the construction of House 12 months salary (Basic + DA) or,
Employee Share with interest or,
Cost of work
Whichever is least
Once Declaration form not required
3 Prepayment of Home Loan 10 years 36 months of salary (wages and DA) or,
100% of EPF Balance with interest or,
Outstanding Loan amount Whichever is least
Once Form 31
Certificate indicating the outstanding balance (Principal and Interest) from the agency (Financial Institution/Bank)
4 For your own treatment or Family Any Time 6 months salary (basic wages + DA) or,
employee EPF share with interest
Whichever is least
No Limit (Whenever you need
Form 31
A certificate signed by doctor and employer
5 For Marriage of self/son/daughter/brother/sister 7 years 50% of Employee Share
with interest
3 times Members declaration in Form 31
6 Post matric Education of Self/son/daughter 7 years 50% of Employee Share with interest 3 times Form 31
Certificate regarding the course and estimated expenditure from the institution
7 For
equipment for physically handicapped employees
Any Time 6 months salary (basic wages + DA) or,
employee share + interest or,
Cost of equipment Whichever is least
After the interval of 3 years Form 31
Certificate from Doctor
8 Withdrawal
Prior before Retirement
After 54 years of age and one
year before
90% of the EPF balance Once
9 Closure of the Company Whenever
100% of EPF Balance Not

Here is the process of withdrawing of PF without leaving a job:

Employees can easily withdraw PF balance through the EPFO member portal by following the below steps: Make sure that you have an active UAN number, and it should be linked with an Aadhaar card. In such cases, employees do not require the attestation of documents from their employers to make PF withdrawal.

1. Visit the official website of EPFO

withdraw PF without leaving a job

2. Here you will see the “Our Services” tab; under this, choose the option “For employees.”

3. Under the “For employees” options, click on the option “Member UAN/Online Service (OCS/OTCP)”

4.  A login page will be opened to login by using your UAN and password, as shown below.

withdraw PF without leaving a job

5. After login, you will see the “Manage” tab, drop down the same and click on the “KYC” option.

6. Now, scroll down till the bottom of the page. Here you will find the option of the “Digitally Approved KYC” section. Check the KYC details. Make sure that the details are accurate to proceed further.

withdraw PF without leaving a job

7. Once you are ensured that the KYC details are correct. Now, click on the “CLAIM (FORM-31, 19 & 10C) under the drop-down list of the “Online service” tab to proceed for withdrawing the PF amount.

8. You will be redirected to a new page, where “ONLINE CLAIM (FORM 31, 19 & 10C)” form will be automatically generated as below:

withdraw PF without leaving a job

9.   This automatically generated form required to enter and verify the last 4 digits of your registered bank account number.

10. Once your bank account details are verified, a “Certificate of Undertaking” will be generated. Click “Yes” to proceed further.

withdraw PF without leaving a job

11.  A tab with “Proceed for Online Claim” shall be prompted to proceed further.

12. Now, firstly, click on the drop-down list of “I want to apply for” and select the option of “PF ADVANCE (FORM – 31) for withdrawing the PF fund.

13. Once you select the declaration form (FROM -31), choose the purpose for which the advance is required. Complete the form by filling the employee address and amount of advance required.

Note: There might be the need for uploading scanned documents depending upon the nature of withdrawal.

withdraw PF without leaving a job

14. Once you complete the process, your employer will approve the withdrawal request as submitted by you; the withdrawal amount will be transferred to your bank account. You will also receive an SMS notification on your registered mobile number.

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