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 How to find Jurisdictional Assessing Officer? Income Tax Department comprises of numerous officers who is responsible for handling various works like tax computations, assessing the tax that must be paid b specific taxpayer to the Income Tax department and much more. Likewise, we have the Jurisdictional Assessing Officer who handles all the works related to assessing the tax computations of different taxpayers.Here is everything you need to know about the Jurisdictional Assessing Officer or simply referred to as Assessing Officer (AO). In some situations, you need to meet the Assessing officer. Check out the detailed description on how to find and meet the Assessing Officer!

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This option to check your jurisdicational officer has been disabled by income tax department now.

How to find Jurisdictional Assessing Officer

Assessing Officer of Income Tax

A Jurisdictional Assessing Officer is sometimes referred to as Assessing Officer and he/she is a person who has all the calculations and assesses of different taxpayers. To be precise, the Jurisdictional Assessing Officer has jurisdiction which means that he has all power to make certain decisions regarding the tax and other judgment for that particular assessee. The Jurisdictional Assessing Officer has the right to make an assessment of an assessee, who is liable to tax under the Act.

The designation of the officer may differ based on the amount of income or type of trade as allocated by the Central Board of Direct Taxes(which is shortly called as CBDT Board). It is the official department that deals with income tax. The designation may be an Income-tax Officer, Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Joint Commissioner or an Additional Commissioner.

How to find Jurisdictional Assessing Officer

Is there any Need of Assessing Officer?

The laws of income-tax are pretty much complex and all the taxpayers are suggested numerous guidelines, assistance notes, and circulars from the Central Board of Direct Taxes in order to explain them regarding the way Income Tax laws are to be understood. However, the fact is that assessments of income tax comprise of both subjective and objective concerns. It is the responsibility of the Assessing Officer who must protect the income department’s welfare, and simultaneously, display neutrality in income tax calculations.

When does one need to meet the AO?

  • When a taxpayer has filled in Challan 280 in a wrong way through online.
  • When a taxpayer gets the notification from the Income Tax Department for unpaid demand, for analysis.

The taxpayer can take assistance from higher officials if the assessing officer does not respond in a proper way. You need to write to the jurisdictional chief commissioner with replicas of preceding letters written to the assessing officer along with a copy of the already filed Income tax return.

It is not necessary for you to personally meet the Assessing Officer. Your lawyer, Chartered Account (CA) can get details or submit the papers on your behalf. (Please correct me if your experience has been different)

How to find Jurisdictional Assessing Officer

How to Find your Jurisdictional Assessing Officer (AO)

Jurisdiction of the Assessing Officer is the place wherein the Assessing Officer evaluates all the requests made by the taxpayers. It is usually related to the PAN or Permanent Account Number. You need to make certain requests of changing your address and other details on your PAN Card through a form for Request for New PAN Card or Changes in PAN Data. From the below steps, you can Know Your Jurisdiction of PAN

  • Firstly, navigate to the official website of Income Tax @
  • Enter the PAN number on your PAN Card and Captcha code.
  • You can find the address of the building by visiting the website
  • Choose the state and pick the Building name which will be provided in your jurisdiction details.
  • Check out the room number and extension of Jurisdiction.

Meeting the Jurisdictional Assessing Officer

After meeting the Jurisdictional Assessing Officer in Bengaluru, you need to submit all the relevant papers with proper documentation and get an acknowledgment receipt from the Assessing officer. Acknowledgment comprises of a stamp with a date on the letter that you have submitted. You need to take 2 copies of that letter. Make sure that you do not submit the original documents.

Format of Application Submitted to Assessing Officer

Here is the format of the application form that must be submitted to the Jurisdiction Assessing Officer:

  • For Income Tax Refund
  • In response to outstanding Tax Demand
  • Notice for Processing of Income Tax Return to meet the Assessing Officer
  • For Challan 280 Correction

This is the process of meeting the Jurisdiction Assessing Officer or AO of the Income Tax department in person.

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