What to do When You Lost Your PAN Card?

PAN card is one of the essential things that every eligible tax payer of the country should hold.  PAN holds a great significance and is a must to carry for eligible tax payers of the country.  It is a mandatory document for those who fall in the category of tax payers and also who own a company.  There are many benefits associated with the use of PAN card when it comes to takes paying.  Earlier, applying for PAN card has been a headache and long time process, but now Income Tax Department has eased the process of applying for PAN card.

Lost Your PAN Card? get duplicate one

In case if you lost your PAN card, you need not worry much of applying for a new one by going through the hectic process.  You can easily get a copy/duplicate of your PAN card by going through simple steps.  We are here today to share with you those simple steps that will help you get a duplicate for your lost PAN card.


Steps to follow to create a duplicate PAN card

  • Go to the official link saying https://www.tin-nsdl.com/download/pan/PAN-CR-FORM.pdf
  • Now, download the form available in the link. This form is different from that of the one you have filled earlier.
  • Fill in the form with appropriate details. You will be asked about PAN card other than just the basic details.  If you have a copy of your lost PAN card then you can attach it.  Otherwise, you can simply click on the link and receive all information related to your lost document.


  • Now you can see an option appear on the left side of the screen saying PAN/TAN. On clicking the link you will be navigated to a new page where you need to enter your basic details.  It will show the current status along with your PAN card number.
  • Download the form and fill in with appropriate details and attest a passport size photograph. Fill in the details with a black pen in capital letters.
  • Submit the form to your local TIN centre with a Demand Draft or cash of Rs. 96/-.
  • Once you are done, click on the link –https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/pantan/StatusTrack.html to track the status of your PAN card and make sure that it reaches you in the given time.


Customer will receive the PAN card to his/her respective address within a few weeks time.  If you haven’t received your PAN card even after the time frame, visit or contact nearest PAN card center to know the reason.

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