Notice / Demand Resolution

If you have received Income Tax Demand form or notice under section 143(1) of the Income Tax Act or Defective Return notice under section 139(9) of the Income tax Act, then it is necessary that you need to avail this service and this service is just tailored to solve this issue. You don’t have to worry about it and we will be helping you to solve this problem as we offer this demand or notice resolution service for such people.

When the Demand Notice Comes from Income Tax Department and What to Do?

At times, the Income Tax Department will not be receiving all credits of your tax in time, or they may be missing out the processing of key information piece that will lead to these demand notices to rise. We as a service provider will understand the way to fix such problems and we will work with you in solving the matter until you and tax department are in sync with each other. For those people who have got the Demand notice as an Intimation u/s 143(1) or a Defective notice as an Intimation u/s139(9), our Intimation Services is the perfect solution, so apply for us and we will help you out completely.

Process of Applying for Notice Resolution

As soon as you receive the demand or notice under section 143(1) or defective return notice, you can sign up for us in the following way.

  1. You just need to register with us and upload the intimation digital PDF file that you have received.
  2. After that, we will assign the issue to our expert team where they will be analyzing the problem and recommend you the perfect solution.
  3. If you agree with the solution our team recommends, you can proceed further as they our team tells and they will look after all to solve the issue.
  4. Finally, a Transaction ID of the solution that is submitted to the Income Tax Department will be generated and it will also be sent to you for your record.

This is how you can apply for the notice or demand resolution with us and get your problem solved.

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