LIC Policy Status Online, Register, Login Pay Premium Amount Details

LIC Policy Status Online, Register, Login Pay Premium Amount Details

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), as the name suggests is an insurance company that provides insurance schemes to the eligible people.  It offers LIC policies to the individuals.  Every individual insured person under LIC will be allotted with a policy number.  Policy number is a 9 digit number that can be found on the top left corner of the LIC policy paper.  Traditionally, LIC agents will collect the insurance from the insured or the insured will pay it by visiting the LIC office.  But now after the implementation of online services, most of the people are relying on online payments.

In order to make online payments of the insurance or to do other activities like checking LIC policy status online, login pay premium amount etc, one has to register on LIC India portal.  The registration is quite simple and does not take much time.  If you are an LIC insured person and want to check your LIC policy status online you are required to have some details handy like your password, and policy number.  Also, you must be registered to check your online status.


How to register on LIC Official Website?

In order to pay the online premium payment, one has to register with the LIC web portal in first place.  By registering, user can also check the policy status.  The details that need to be confirmed are:

  • LIC policy number
  • Installment premium
  • Date of birth
  • Email id

With all the details, you can successfully register in the official web portal of LIC.  The details of the registration will be mailed to your email ID.

How to check LIC Policy Status?

LIC always come up with various policies and joints new members under its schemes.  Those who own policies need to be aware of what exactly their policy and how does it benefit them.  Usually, the LIC agents used to give updates about the policies to the insured, but it is not being followed anymore.  Instead, the policyholder will be given the opportunity to check his/her own policy status through online from anywhere.  There is no need to depend on the LIC agent to get the updates.  The online service offered by LIC is more than enough to get the clear cut details about the policy.

How to check LIC Policy Status?

We have listed out simple steps on how to check LIC policy status online easily.  Give them a read!

  • Go visit the official web portal of LIC i.e.,
  • The link will direct you to the homepage of the website where you can register. Fill in all the details in the specified fields without any mistakes and complete the registration process.  The registration process won’t take much time.
  • After successful registration, you can post any query about your LIC policy. You can choose the options given in the page as per your requirement and also can check the status by clicking on the status option in the page.

LIC Policy Status by Registration

  • With the help of the policy number, the individual can check the status of the policy. You need to input the policy number in the specified field and submit it to fetch the status of the LIC policy.  The policyholder will be able to fetch the entire details about the policy by doing so.
  • The official web portal of LIC offers reliable information about the policies of the policyholder. It is quite easy to use the online services to check the status of the LIC policy.

LIC Policy Status without Registration/login

  • You can check LIC policy status with the help of the policy number without logging into the LIC website. You can check LIC policy status through SMS and IVR toll-free number.
  • If you want your LIC policy premium amount then you can send it as LIC premium.

Check LIC Policy Status through SMS

Policyholder can get details about policy by sending SMS to 56767877.  The details that can be fetched through the SMS are premium installments, term, remaining installments, maturity plans info etc.

  • To get premium details Type ASKLIC (Policy Number) PREMIUM and sent to 56767877.
  • Likewise, to check Bonus amount added to your policy, type as ASKLIC<Policy Number>BONUS to 56767877.

Check LIC Policy Status through customer care toll-free number

BSNL and MTNL LIC customers can dial 1251 number to know LIC policy status through phone.  The customers from other parts like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai etc can make use of the customer care number offered by LIC to communicate their query.  You can call to the regional LIC office numbers and report your query.

Check LIC Policy status through policy number online

The policy phone number can also be used to check the LIC Policy status, but the number only works after registration.  After the registration, the individual needs to login into the LIC India portal with their particulars to check the LIC policy status.  The status showcases the data that includes:

  • Pending premium
  • Revival amount
  • LIC policy status
  • Bonus amount
  • Loan details like due
  • Surrender value
  • ULIPS Unit Linked Plans

LIC Policy Transaction Status Payment

  • Login in to the LIC payment portal.
  • Click on LIC online payment transaction status.
  • Enter your policy number and payment date.
  • It will fetch the payment status immediately.

You can pay the LIC premium with or without login.

LIC Payment is accepted through:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card or ATM card
  • Net banking

This is how you check your LIC policy status online by registering and logging in to the official website of LIC.


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