ITR Rectification

ITR Rectification Service is nothing but, Income Tax Return Rectification service that is required when you have an error in the tax that your return and which will lead to the issuance of Tax demand u/s 143 from the income tax department. There are several reasons for getting this income tax notice after making your tax return and they are not filing regularly, Filed defective return, Filing of the tax return in a wrong ITR form etc. So, when you get this notice you can take the help of a professionals like us. We would be assisting you in getting this service through us. More details about it are as follows.

What To Do When You Receive Income Tax Notice?

When you receive a income tax notice you need to approach a professional like us who will let you understand the notice, will scrutinize the proper reason for getting the notice and will help you for the measure to be taken. In the cases such as error in claiming the correct TDS or any other reasons as said above, tax rectification need to be done. So, if you are facing any of these problems proceed to tax rectification.

We are one such professional firm which helps you understand this service and offer this service to you. Below is the process of how we proceed in offering the ITR Rectification service for the people. So, know that and if you want the service from us can contact us and get the service from us.

Procedure For Fling Tax Rectification With Us

If you receiving a communication from Department of Income Tax such as Demand Intimation u/s 143(1) or Tax Notice, you can approach us for assistance in the following way.

  • At first you need to fill the form provided by us such as form 16, and then upload your copy of the notice that you have received.
  • Next, you need to pay the fee for the reply to the notice subscription along with the tax that is applicable.
  • Then our team that will start investigating the reason for the notice served or demand that was raised by income tax department.
  • Based on that, our team members will be preparing the reply or else the rectification u/s 154 for dropping the unjustified demand.
  • That’s it, Rectification is filed now.

This is how we offer the ITR Rectification service for the people who wants it in a step-by-step manner.

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