Documents required for e filing of Income Tax Return

Documents needed for filing of Income Tax Returns in India : Income Tax Return is one thing that every individual whose income exceeds certain limit of their annual income. The individuals who are seeking to file their income tax returns need to make sure that they have arranged all the essential documents for e-filing IT returns online in India. In order to file the income tax returns, the people need to gather some important documents in India. In this post, we have come up with a list of all the essential documents required to file income tax returns online via the official web portal of Income Tax department.

Documents Required for e-Filing of  Income Tax Return for Salaried Employees

The income tax payers must possess essential documents in order to file income tax returns online for the salaried employees. In order to file income tax returns, the individuals must and should have to Form 16 Part A and Part B. The employer issues Form 16 for all the employees for a financial year max by 30th May of every year. You can then start filing your income tax returns right now after making sure you have all the required documents. Here is a list of the documents required to file your income tax returns online:


PAN Card

Pan card is the most essential document for every tax payer at the time of filing their income tax returns online. They need to submit the authorized PAN number as it is an identity proof for each and every individual.

Bank statement

The employee or the tax payer must ensure that they provide all the essential bank statements at the time of filing their income tax returns. Submit your Passbook of the savings bank account.

Form 26AS

Form 26AS is a form related to the income tax returns. It comprises of a review of income tax deducted on behalf of the tax payer and the amount of tax that the payer makes payment.

Documents for Claiming Deductions

The Income Tax department has mentioned a list of documents required to claim the deductions under Section 80 C of Income tax Act, that a tax payer could claim. In order to claim your deductions, you need to have all the below-listed documents.

  • Provident Fund Contribution
  • School fees of children
  • Life insurance Premium Payment
  • Stamp-duty and Registration Charges
  • Principal refund on the tax payer’s home loan

The maximum amount that a tax payer could claim under Section 80C altered to Rs.1, 50, 000 in the previous Financial Year 2014-15 from Rs. 1, 00,000 in Financial Year 2013-14.

Investment Documents

If you are a salaried employee, you need to include the eligible deductions along with the investment proofs. If you had invested some amount to your employer prior to the completion of the financial year, you need to submit the investment proofs.

Property Data

You need to provide all the details regarding your property like sold any house or purchased a new one during the current financial year. In that document, you need to mention the details like sale proceeds, date of sale or purchase, rental income and other details.

These are the essential documents required for the tax payer to file income tax returns online.

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