How to File Income Tax Return Online With These Easy Steps!

Many of us are so occupied in our day to day activities and hardly get time to deal with our accounts. We likewise think that it hard to submit our income tax returns before the due date. To meet the due date of filing our income tax returns, the vast majority of us contact to CA or tax consultant. Then again, nobody knows your funds and income better than you — so why let any other person to file your income tax returns?

Here you will get the idea of income tax efilling that will help you to complete the filing process on your own.

Register yourself

Filing of income tax returns online is simple and free, particularly for salaried individuals. First-time clients need to enroll their permanent record number (PAN) in the tax site to do the filing. For sign up, log-on to, click ‘register yourself” and submit your essential details.

Fill the right IT returns form

The Form ITR-1 is a simple form for people who have income from salaries in addition to one house property and different sources. Pick the suitable form relying upon your source of pay. For the most part, you require a Form 16 from your boss, Form 16A from bank.

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