How to Check UAN Number Status Online @

How to Check UAN Number Status Online @ This is a very simple article that will help you to check your UAN number online. You might be wondering what is meant by UAN. UAN stands for Universal Account Number.  The government of India has started this initiative to issue a universal account number for people or employees of a firm. This happens because employees change companies and some of them do not know their PF account number. This means that after the Universal Account Number is issued there is no need to worry about this issue anymore. Now we will read on how to check your UAN number online.

UAN Number Status

Steps to Check UAN Status Online:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the tab that says ‘Know your UAN Status. (This is for the person to know the status of their respective UAN.)
  3. Provide the PF (provident fund) details there.

Here, you will need to enter some of the details including your establishment code, your state where you hold the PF number and the PF office.

UAN Number Status

  1. enter your account number
  2. finally click on check status

Now, there are two steps: the first one is if the UAN is allocated. In case your UAN is allocated then you will receive the following g message. “Your UAN is allocated, kindly get your UAN number from the employer.”

UAN Number Status

In the second instance if your UAN is not allocated you will receive the other message indicating that you did not receive the UAN number. The message will read “UAN is not allotted.”

In case you have registered your respective mobile number in the EPFO then there would be an SMS sent to your mobile that says: “Dear Member, Please collect UAN from your employer and activate your account immediately at Ignore if done.”

Every person who receives the UAN number has to register the same online at and click on “Activate your UAN based registration”.

To Register the UAN number online:

  1. Here, first enter your UAN number.
  2. Enter the Provident Fund or PF details
  3. Click on ‘GET PIN’
  4. The PIN # is sent via SMS to your mobile phone

You need to get in touch with your HR department in case you did not receive your UAN or Universal Account Number. When you change the companies in the future this would be helpful for you. Once this UAN is allotted to you, you can quote the number in your new place of employment.

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