How to Check Outstanding Income Tax Demand appearing in e-Filing portal?

How to Check Outstanding Income Tax Demand appearing in e-Filing portal?

Are you surprised to see the outstanding income tax demand onyour e-Filing portal of the income tax department? Even after successfully making payment of all your due amounts of Income Tax, if you’ve received some mail stating that there are some dues that you must pay to the Income Tax department, then you don’t have to worry much. Just be cool and head over the article provided below.

If you think that after submitting your e-filing income tax returns online, your work is done and you can get relaxed. If you’re thinking so, then you’re completely on a wrong side with wrong assumption. There is something more you need to do even after successful submission or filing of IT Returns.After a couple of weeks after the submission of your Income Tax Returns online, take time and just login to your specific account in income tax e-filing web portal and checkthe status of your e-filing IT Returns.


You need to check whether you find anything likeoutstanding income tax demand that is appearing on your account or not. If you find something like that as ‘outstanding income tax demand’ then this article is completely to aid you. Have a look!

Outstanding Income Tax Demand in e-Filing Portal

When you look at e-portal and if you find outstanding income tax demand appearing on your e-filing web portal, then you need to find out the reasons for you to pay an additional tax to the Income Tax department. There might be some reasons for arising outstanding income tax demand on your account of e-filing web portal.

For instance, at the time of e-filing Income Tax returns, you might have included wrong information to the Income tax department. Other reason might be that you would not have taken into account the rectification filed by you u/s 154 for the preceding assessment years. You can easily rectify your mistakes while e-filing Income tax Returns online as the Income Tax e-portal are quite user-friendly and much interactive with several beneficial features.


How to check outstanding Income tax demand amount in the e-Filing portal?

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide to check out the outstanding Income Tax Demand amount in the Income Tax e-Filing Web Portal:

Before heading to simply playing the outstanding Income Tax Demand, you need to analyse and check out the reasons for the Income Tax Department to send you such intimation to pay an outstanding amount. Here, we have compiled the list of things a tax payer must go through after receiving Intimation:

  • You need to check out the reason behind the outstanding tax demand and if the reason is apt and precise, just pay it.
  • If you wish to find any sort of mistakes in your e-filing IT returns, you can go to the option of filing rectification application in order to rectify your mistake on the record.
  • If the outstanding tax demand is raised due to improper filling of data, just file a revised IT return.


Submit Response to Outstanding Tax Demand

After getting through all the above mentioned steps and if you find that you need to send some response to the demand raised, you can simply submit your response to outstanding tax demand. Here is a detailed step-by-step procedure to submit the response to Outstanding Tax Demand as shown below:

  • Initially, visit the official website of Income tax Department @ and check out the menu of Refund/Demand status.
  • Then, you need to login to your account in income tax e-portal and head over the option “My Pending Actions” present in the dashboard.
  • If you findany outstanding tax demand in your account on the e-portal,you can see an option as “Response to Outstanding Tax Demand” that will be displayedwith the outstanding demand amount including the Assessment Year for which outstanding demand occurs.
  • Choose appropriate option and submit your response. You can find various options such as:
    • Demand is correct
    • Demand is partially correct
    • Disagree with demand
  • Once you pick the first option i.e., demand is correct then you cannot have any chance to disagree with the demand letter.
  • If you choose other two options i.e. demand is partially correct or disagree with demand, you need toinclude reasons for exercising the option alongside a documentary proof.
  • The assessee or tax payer must provide extra details and information based on the reason which was chosen by the tax payer.


Here are the following:

Demand Paid: A challan must be uploaded to the department and make sure that the below-mentioned details are included in it.

  • BSR Code
  • Date of payment
  • Serial no.
  • Amount

Tax Demand reduced by Rectification/Revision/Appeal:You need to upload rectification order passed by AO and provide the detailsof pending demand amount after rectificationon the date of order.

Rectification/Revised Return filed at CPC (Bengaluru):You need to provide the acknowledgement No or Receipt number of rectification application which you’ve filed online. If you have filed revised return, you mustsend e-Filed acknowledgement no. of the revised return.

Rectification filed with AO: If you have filed rectification application in a manual process, you must include the date of filing application.


After submission of all the essential details and response to the outstanding demand tax, a transaction id will get generated and provided to the assesse which can be noticedwell ahead.

Note: It is quite essential and necessary for all the assesse to respond to the outstanding demand appearing in Income Tax e-Filing Web Portal by submitting the demand tax and if there is any refund amount, it would be sent to the tax payer sometime later.

That’s it! This way you need to check, respond and submit your Outstanding Income Tax Demand appearing in e-Filing portal of Income Tax.


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