Gold: a good investment?

Gold is a precious metal. The rates of gold do not incur depreciation. The market of the stuff has been so highly set in India that it has become the prized possession of esteem. In the year 2008 there was a fall of the price of gold in the worldwide scenario. Then, in those times there was a financial crisis throughout the world. After the year 2008 there was a rise in the price of gold in India till 2013. Time was very incentive-giving for the gold merchants who earned a lot in gold transactions. The beginning of the year 2013 says a fall in the price to a rate of 6 percent. In spite of the fall the loss which so ever incurred by the merchants were much less than the traders in the other businesses. In the beginning of the year 2014 the country saw a rise in the price of the gold. Truly speaking gold is the asset with the least depreciation. Every family and occasions cherish the stuff. So if there is gold in the family, as per the viewpoint of the intimates, the house is safe from economical disorders. It is very safe to invest in gold.

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