EPFO Mobile App to Check PF Balance

EPFO Mobile App to Check PF Balance

Now with more and more apps that are coming this way there is one more app that is adding to the convenience of the people. Those who would like to check their EPFO balance can now do so with the mobile app.  Moreover this can be done OTG or on the go while travelling. Moreover a person can go ahead and activate their UAN or Universal Account Number through SMS. As you read this article you will find the various details, UAN activation, EPF balance & deposits too. Before going into all the details first let us learn about how to use the EPFO mobile app.


Go ahead and check out the EPFO mobile app so it is much easier to check your EPFO balance. You do not have to visit the website each time you would like to check your balance. This is a very convenient method to check your EPFO balance and other details.


In order to get the EPFO app on your mobile phone first visit the EPFO website. Follow the given instructions to download the EPFO app successfully onto your mobile phone. To begin using the app, there would be three options namely Member, Pensioner and Employer.


The first section, Member:

There are two sub options in this section. The first one is Activate UAN and the second one is Balance/Passbook.

Activate UAN: Those who have not yet activated their UAN only need to access this and they can activate their respective UAN. To activate UAN through the UAN mobile app, first click the option that says ‘activate my UAN’. You need to then enter some information upon being prompted to do so. This includes your employee number, establishment code, mobile number and UAN number. Check mark the box below to confirm or declare the information and then click on the ‘ACTIVATE’ button.


Balance/Passbook:  This option can be used if you would like to download your EPFO balance passbook or check your balance. Enter details including your UAN and mobile and click ‘SHOW’.


The second section, Pensioner:

Below this section the EPFO pensioner can check information about the disbursement of pension. This involves three simple steps. First, click on ‘Pensioner’ button and enter PPO Number & DOB & Click on Submit.

The third section, Employer:

This section is for the employer to know the details of the EPF deposit. This is also a simple procedure just like the above. First, click on TRRN Status button that is located under the ‘Employer’ tab. After entering the TRRN number click on status button to know the details.

In this article we have covered the details regarding the EPFO mobile app. You may want to share it with your friends if you wish to. Previously EPFO helped members to check EPFO balance via SMS. This was known as the EPFOHO. This new EPFO mobile app is an added facility given for the EPFO members. However you can activate your UAN and then utilize this EPFO mobile app facility.

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