Email-Id & Mobile No. Is Now Must In Income-Tax Returns Forms!

Taxpayers who file their I-T returns, now they need to impart their email-id and cell telephone number with the tax department.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes has presented another segment in the I-T returns Forms to request the assessment filers to provide their email-id and phone number.

The new step has been taken with a specific end goal to speak straightforwardly with the taxpayer as regard to any issues emerging after the returns are filed. This is a step brought to communicate better with the tax payer and to run the process smoothly for guaranteeing timely refunds.

Till now, the individuals are needed to specify important details of their CAs or tax filing assistants in the current section requesting the particular information of the filer.

The office, which is confronting issues of tax refunds and guaranteeing other duty related data to the citizen, has composed the new I-T forms so that if there will be any occurrence of errors,  an assessment officer can straightforwardly contact the filer. The new measures are very helpful for all kinds of taxpayers all around the country and have been actualized both for e-filers and manual filers of IT return.

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