Digital Signature Registration on GST Portal

Details on registration of the digital signature:

Many times it might happen that people get confused on how to registerDigital Signature DSC on GST portal. Here, in this article all your confusion will be cleared as we will mention the detailed registration process of getting the update digital signature on GST portal. The DSC- Digital Signature certificate is basically that form of signature that is use to establish any ones identify at the time of filing the document online using the internet. It is a digital form of right in term of signature to get the equivalent to the normal hand written signature. The users can also get certain benefits with the DSC as it is electronically signing of the applicant using the DSC. The taxpayers can also use the DSC if needed. The choice is totally depended on him.

Registration procedure:

In order to get register yourself with the GST common portal, there are certain steps needed to be performed, follow them here:

  • The applicant applying for the DSC must visit the official website URL and get the home page of the GST.
  • Then, click on the existing user login link and open the link on the page.


  • Give in the login details displayed on the screen like the username, password and make sure that you give the clear details.
  • Afterwards, a box asking you to type the captcha text appears type the characters appearing in the box as it is. Give the same cap’s if needed with same numeric digits.


  • Then, click on the login button.
  • A new page appears taking you to the welcome page. There a small continue button will be seen, click on it.
  • A Dashboard is displayed where you have to click on the Dashboard > register or updates DSC command.
  • Then, go on the register DSC page and the PAN authorized Signatory drop down list, select the PAN authorized Signatory and then choose to download and install the signer checkbox.


  • Then click on the proceed button, hold on as you are just very closer to the final stage.
  • Then lastly, click on the cerfitcate and click the sign button and by doing so, you will receive a successful message e” Your DSc has been successfully registered.”
  • Hence, by following the above steps in detail, you can get to register the Digital Signature certificate without nay problem. For any other assistance log on to the official website portal page mentioned in the article.


The applicants who are looking for the DSC can obtain it further directly from the certifying Authorities CA’s in India by filling the required application form with correct details, with some of the needed documents to be attached ad payment of the fee structure. The license of the CA’s will be granted under the certificate Under Section 24 of the Indian IT Act -2000.

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