CTC Planning/Salary Restructuring Service

The Cost to the Company refers to the salary or package you are annually getting from an organization. If you are getting a good CTC from the company you must pay the tax on yearly basis, based upon your present CTC. If you are paying an excess tax and planning to avail the tax benefits here we are coming up with some special tips and tricks that can save you from paying excess tax.

What is CTC Planning?

  • We probably need to pay an excess tax
  • How to set a CTC in different way to reduce the burden of tax
  • Increasing salary and paying less tax.

To solve these specific problems here we have CTC optimizer. Lets us have a look on CTC optimizer. Know exactly what will CTC Optimizer will do for us.

CTC Optimizer

The tax burden is the heaviest thing when one is earning some good income. Now a days the salary was offering to employees on Cost to the Company basis. If any of the employees are looking to get rid of the tax burden than they must aware of CTC Optimizer plans. This will expand your fundamental part of your pay and falls in the greatest income tax rate. Which is the reason, while arranging your salary package with your manager, you ought to attempt to boost your salary and minimize your tax outgo.

There could be a probability that your manager must have a set structure, still there are entirely likely risks that still you can best use of procurements of pay assessment and recovery enormous rate of tax. Use online CTC Optimizer figured on the month to month and yearly mode helps you attempt various changes and mixes within the salary and repayment heads, surveying you in let your Tax Deducted at Source on the month to month, Present CTC Tax Structure and Proposed CTC Tax Structure. Our online report will recommend you with the most ideal pay structure you can ask from your boss.

What are the Uses of CTC Optimizer?

  • Present CTC Tax Structure
  • Monthly Salary Structure Sheet
  • Proposed CTC Tax Structure
  • Annual Income Statement
  • Monthly and Annual TDS Chart
  • Analysis of Present and Proposed Tax CTC Structure
  • Investment Tracker
  • Total monthly in hand income and tax payments
  • Reminder and Schedulers of Tax and Investment Commitments

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