Section 80D: Deduction for Health Insurance for FY 2019-20 and AY 2020-21

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Medical costs are increasing significantly in India and health should be taken care of on priority. Health insurance or Medical insurance is you must have for yourself and your family (especially for senior citizens). Therefore, it is necessary to have an adequate health cover. Health insurance safeguards you and your family members from the unexpected […]

Income Tax Declaration and Investment Proofs

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Income Tax Declaration and Investment Proofs: The current financial year has just commenced and it is the time for each and every employer to submit their investment proofs. At the commencement of every financial year or at the time of joining a company, the employee must submit an ‘Income Tax Declaration’ to their respective employers. In […]

How can I save income tax?

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There are a number of ways in which you can save your income tax. The government has made various alleys to help you. If you are a little witty and spend your income in the rightful places, then you can get exemptions at high rates. In general, you can save taxes as per the sections […]

How to purchase health insurance?

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Health Insurance also called mediclaim gives you protection against unexpected costs of medical which arise from accidental injuries or some disease. It is an important financial tool which ensures that you will get medical care without any burden of costs which associates with it. In India, to purchase health insurance is not an easy task. […]