Benefit of efilling of income tax return

E-Filing of Income Tax Returns is the process of electronically submitting the details of your income and investments to the Income Tax Department (ITD). These details need to be uploaded in a prescribed format which is recognized by the ITD, hence your Tax Return needs to be accurately prepared and successfully uploaded.

E-filing of Income Tax Returns is easy, fast, and the most reliable and secure method and has the following benefits:

Faster Processing

When an ITR is e-filed, the income tax department instantly issues an acknowledgement in electronic format. Also the assessment order and refunds are processed faster for E-Filed returns.

More Accurate

Income tax returns filed online are accurate as everything is being done electronically through software’s. There is no chance of any clerical or mathematically error.

No Time or Place Constraint

We can flle online returns anytime and from anywhere. We don’t have to stand in any queue for submission of Income Tax Return

More Secure than Paper Based Returns

E-filing is safer than paper based filing. With paper based filing your confidential identity information is lying in files and can be passed from person to person.

Easy to Access History Data and Keep Records

Most of the e-filing services like save your personal and financial information like Form-16’s and ITR Acknowledgements in their secure database and file systems. This data can be accessed without any hassles in future whenever required.

An eco-friendly process

E-filing contributes to saving the environment as it saves enormous amounts of paper work.

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